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Datainfosec has a very well defined methodology that covers over maximum areas of cyber security for small and medium businesses.  These areas are based on industry standards and governance requirements that are applicable to your market. We use both quantifiable and qualified information to find the gaps in your current posture.  We use a combination of scanning tools, workshops and our own modeling to find and address gaps that will enable your business to address risks.  Using this model we identify all known risks, and give you recommendations on how to address them.

You can apply for Internship very easily 

  1. Go to Internship section of the website
  2.  Apply from the Linkedin
  3. Apply from Indeed

Companies need to use data to run and grow their everyday business. The fundamental goal of data science is to help companies make quicker and better decisions, which can take them to the top of their market,

Likely not true. Hacking  and cyber threats are increasing  daily and no business is immune, regardless  of size. Tricks and tools have become so easy to use to hack into a company that all businesses are targets.This is why we provide a high quality, world-class security solution to small, medium, mid-market, and emerging enterprises a much lower price point.

The truth is you’re already using data science in every part of your marketing strategy, whether you’re actively developing those processes or not. Every time you open up Google Analytics, ask your customers for feedback or run an A/B test, you’re using data science.

The entry price into data science is close to zero now but the more important question is – how much can you do with data science? Whatever your budget, data science can turn it into better performance and business decisions.